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English B2 level audio and dictation about Thailand

Hi guys!

I know it’s a tough time right now but let us focus on something different for at least a moment. 🙂

You are going to hear and read a short text about Thai corals and the damage the mass tourism has done to them… well, hopefully after the difficult situation which is going on right now the mass tourism stops for a while and we will be able to see the corals in a better shape soon!


There are 2 audios that you are going to hear. Do the task in a few steps:

  1. Look at this text and listen to the recording at the same time:

Thailand will soon close one of its world famous beaches in an effort to reverse the damage done to its coral by mass tourism. The beach is in Maya Bay on the tiny island of Koh Phi Phi Leh. It garnered worldwide attention after it featured heavily in the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster movie The Beach. The film put the Maya Bay beach on the bucket lists of millions of travellers worldwide. The result has been an influx of up to 5,000 sun worshippers a day to its emerald shores. They arrive on hundreds of boats, which have caused irreversible damage to the bay’s coral. Officials say that most of the coral in the bay has died. The beach will close between June and September to let the coral recover.


2. Now read the above text aloud (without knowing all the words first) – try to think in English! 🙂


3. Take a look at the small glossary and make notes of these and other new words in your notebook or note app:

corals = plants that build coral reefs under the sea

tiny = very small

to garner = to gather / to gather up and store

a blockbuster = a hit (movie)

an influx = a process of flowing in

emerald = rich green color (also: gemstone)

4. Listen to the second part of the text – I am not giving you the text itself — now it’s your turn to write down what you hear! 😉 


Now grab a piece of paper and start writing or write in a Word document → don’t bother and send your version on my e-mail — I can check it for free! 🙂

School of small fish and coral, Christmas Point, Similan Islands, Thailand.


Not enough practice for you? — Contact me

Chcesz więcej takich ćwiczeń? – napisz do mnie lub użyj formularza na stronie głównej (na dole strony) i zapisz się na zajęcia indywidualne lub grupowe online z Polakiem lub native speakerem 🙂

See you l8er






















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