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A short journey to Australia and tenses practice

Writing   +    Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Do you like Australia? Would you like to revise tenses in English? →  Read on:  

Brainstorming and a small project


  • Do you know which country is named Down under sometimes?
  • It is not so difficult to find it in the web.. when you find it out – try to guess  why it is called this way


Maybe you know what a mind map is? – if not – let me give you a hint: it is a simple sketch with the main idea placed in the middle of a page and sub-ideas attached to it, those sub-ideas may have also their own sub-categories and under each sub-idea or sub-category you put example words 🙂 


Please make a mind map of Australia, which will contain all the most important associations and facts that you can gather about the country. (If you would like to I can make an example mind map of a different country and send to you). Possible Ideas can be: places, people, culture, other things.

down under

  • Do you know anyone that has ever been to Australia?
  • What can a tourist see or do in Australia?
  • How would you spend a month there?
  • Would you rather go surfing, have a beach barbecue or go scuba diving?
  • What’s Uluru? And what’s Great Barrier Reef?


  • Please watch this nice video and narrow the ‘Top 10 list’ into ‘Top 5’ according to your opinion about the country’s attractions:


  • And… write a short (about 250 words) article about a chosen city/town and about what someone can see and do there.



Just a small tenses revision ↓

Past Simple or Present Perfect:


  1. ‚This is my house.’ ‚How long have you lived here?’ ‚I __________(live) here since 1997.’
  2. He lived in London for two years and then he _________ (go) to Edinburgh.
  3. When I left school, I cut my hair and __________ (wear) it short ever since.
  4. Shakespeare _________(write) a lot of plays.
  5. My brother __________ (write) several plays. He has just finished his latest.
  6. I ____________(not see) him for three years. I wonder where he is.
  7. He ____________(not smoke) for two weeks. He is trying to give it up.
  8. Chopin ___________(compose) some of his music in Majorca.
  9. ‚When ___________(he/arrive)?’ ‚He arrived at 2 o’clock.’
  10. I read his books when I was at school. I ______________(enjoy) them very much.
  11. I can’t go out because I ___________(not finish) my work yet.
  12. ‚I __________(never/drink) whiskey.’ ‚Well, have some now!’
  13. Here are your shoes. I ________(just/clean) them.
  14. I left home at 8.00a.m. and I ____________(get) here at 12.00p.m.
  15. I ____________(meet) him last June.
  16. __________ (you/see) the moon last night?
  17. Cervantes _____________ (write) Don Quixote.
  18. He ________(break) his leg in a skiing accident last year.



1 Jim: How many times __________(you/try)  to pass your driving test?

Michael: Three times so far.


2 When ____________(you/go)  to Rome?


3 You look different. _________ (you/have)  a haircut?


4 I ____________(not/see)  David at all this week. I don’t even know where he is.


5 Jim: ______________ (you/speak)  to Peter yet?

Michael: No, not yet.


6 When _________(you/start)  your job?


7 I _________ (move)  house three times in the last five years.


8 My sister ___________(be)  to New York three times and she’s going again next month.


9 The US President ___________(be)  in our country last year.


10 The US President ____________(visit)  our country three times in the last two years.


⇒ Feel free to send your answers on my e-mail – I will check them for free and with pleasure 😀 

Let’s keep in touch — Your teacher, 


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